Author: La Academica

I am a struggling Xicana - a mother, educator, activist immersed in battles against oppressive systems. I especially focus on the educational system and how it perpetuates a racial hierarchy in our society. I started this blog because I needed to create a safe space for my ideas and for my writing. As people of color we need safe spaces and places where we feel completely free to express ourselves. Thank you for reading my reflections, outbursts, and locuras (craziness).

Episode 1 – Comunidad Presente Pilot

Comunidad Presente is a media project that focuses on bringing you the stories from the Middle Rio Grande. Episode 1 provides an overview of the project. Future episodes will include interviews with community members talking about issues that most impact them, local music, and report outs from events. You can hear Comunidad Presente on 102.1 FM KQUQ Community Radio. For more information visit our website at